Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Inspiration and intentions...

I had a great meeting with the Bangkok Sewing Crew (yes, our new name) yesterday, and Rachel shared her experiences with bias tape making.  It looked deceptively simple - but I am sure that's just with practice...

Anyway, it had me thinking, I have so many ideas right now, projects happening and projects planned that I can't quite keep track of them all.  For my own sanity, I'm going to make a quick list of some of these, and the (online) sources of my inspiration...

1)  Hooded towel and washcloth set:

Courtesy of

I really do love this site - they have simple, clear instructions, gorgeous prints and fabulous ideas.  I'm going to try make a towelling/cotton print hooded towel with a pretty Japanese butterfly print for a friend who's expecting a baby girl soon!

2)  Simple layered skirt with tulle:

Courtesy of

This looks so easy that even for a beginner like me I believe I can do this - it's interesting that with this skirt the tulle is just sewn right on top of the underskirt, with a raw edge left showing - it could look cute, or it might just look amateur - we'll see...

3)  Pillowcase dress:

Courtesy of
Or maybe:

I found a gorgeous little green pillowcase dress in Big C (shhh!  don't tell anyone!) for my dearest daughter and I thought I'd copy it - but actually these tutorials are very clear.  Will be a nice project to try for the Dress a Girl Around the World cause too.

4)  Stuffed letters:

Had a peek around the beautiful Lottie & Max store and saw so many gorgeous things to buy - except the rather steep price tags!  One must-have for the kids bedrooms are their stuffed letters, but at 1,000 baht each ($33) I thought maybe I could try for myself...

Courtesy of Lottie & Max

When I looked further into this online, I found this super-cute tutorial on how to make a little stuffed magnetic alphabet - perfect for all those fabric scraps!

Courtesy of

Anyway, will get cracking!

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