Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tutorial: Easy drawstring bag

Drawstring bags are one of the simplest sewing projects, yet one of the most useful!  Small ones can be whipped up as gift bags for kids' parties, and they're perfect as gift bags for birthdays, Christmas and for giving food gifts such as bread and cookies.  Also great for shoe bags for storage, and sports kits for children.  I made these three super-girly personalized bags for my nieces overseas for a little summer dress gift.

NB. This tutorial doesn't cover the letter applique.  See here for instructions.

What you'll need

  • 2 x rectangular pieces of material the same size
  • ribbon or string - 2 pieces of length equal to twice the width of your rectangular fabric pieces, plus 4 inches
  • safety pin
  • iron/ironing board
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • pinking shears (optional)

Step 1: Prepare simple hems

With wrong side facing up, fold down and press a 1cm hem on both pieces of fabric.

Step 2: Sew hems

Still with wrong side facing up, sew the hems down, on both pieces of fabric, then press.

Step 3: Sew pieces of material together

With wrong sides facing up, measure and mark 2 inches down from the top on each side, on each fabric.  

Note:This assumes you will be using a narrow ribbon for the drawstring - this width is double the width of the drawstring hole - if you are using wider ribbon, you will need to increase this width.
Place right sides together and pin.  Sew around the edge, starting and ending at the 2 inch mark, and leaving a 1cm border. 
Optional: trim edge and finish with zig-zag stitch or serger, or alternatively leave pinked if you have cut using pinking shears.

Step 4: Prepare and sew fold for ribbon insert

Fold and press at 1 inch point (i.e. half way to 2 inch mark and the start of your stitching.  Repeat with the second side.

Pin around the bottom of this fold, ensuring that you fold over the seam allowance as you go. 

Stitch close to the bottom edge all the way round both sides of fabric.


Step 5: Insert drawstring 1

Using a safety pin on one end insert one ribbon inside one of the stitched 'tubes', entering the second 'tube' on exiting the first, so the two ends of the ribbon meet again at the starting entry point.

Tie in a double knot.

Step 6: Insert drawstring 2

Repeat with the second ribbon, entering the opposite end to the first time, i.e. where the ribbons are now tied.

Step 7: Turn inside out

Turn inside out and press.  Voila!  One easy drawstring bag!

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