Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tutorial: Simple applique with fusible web and zig-zag stitch

Here is a quick run-down on applique with fusible web - a thin mesh of glue which attached fabrics to each other when heated.   I use fusible web with no paper backing for the purpose of this tutorial.

What you need:
Fusible web
Main fabric
Applique fabric
Scissors x 2 (fabric and general craft)
Iron (steam preferred)

Step 1:  Prepare pieces
Cut out fabric and fusible web for the shape you want to applique.  Make sure the fusible web is cut no larger than the fabric shape, and no bits peep out from the sides!  Place them on the fabric where you want to stick them.

Step 2: Iron the pieces together
Place a piece of cloth on top of the fabrics, to prevent fusible web coming into contact with your iron.  Using a hot iron, on a steam setting, iron down the fabric.  Check that the fabrics are glued well together before putting your iron away!

Step 3:  Sew on the applique with a zig zag stitch
On my machine, you select a zig-zag stitch and a narrow stitch (between 0 and 1 length) - the length depends on how you like it - try it out first on a scrap piece of fabric first.  On my machine the settings look like this:

It takes a little practice at first, but after a couple of tries, especially on the corners, it'll come!  A simple technique, but a nice effect!

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