Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mini quilt for Partnership Quilts project - Tokyo Quilt Festival 2012

Our Bangkok Sewing Crew's unofficial "leader" Annie is getting us into quilting (some of us with a little persuasion!).  To me, the idea of a bed-sized quilt fills with me some trepidation and even a small dose of dread.  So it's a brilliant idea to kick us off with mini-quilts.  And we're talking tiny!

For the Tokyo Quilt Festival 2012, the Partnership Quilts  project aims to sew together hundreds of 20cm x 20cm square quilts and sell the larger finished pieces to raise money for victims of the Japanese Earthquake earlier this year.  The whole idea is explained much better here by the Pink Penguin blog:

My first foray into 'real' quilting was therefore a very small project - perfect!

My theme was "A walk in the park with my dog...".  But actually, it was just an excuse to use up some of my sausage dog pattern fabric.  I can't even begin to guess how many "Noodles" (yes, our gorgeous little miniature dachshund) there are in our house...!

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