Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Children's quilts

I first got out my sewing stuff (and borrowed a friend's sewing machine) when I wanted to try out making some pretty quilts for the children - big advantage, they're relatively small!

My first attempts were REALLY simple, but small successes give you the confidence to carry on so it was a great way to get back into the world of sewing.  I then made matching pillowcases for the boy and girl set, and was feeling mighty pleased with myself!

Next step:  quilting proper.  Well even this was so simple - I used the quick-turn method (so no border), and my so-so sewer cheat's trick - ready-made Japanese quilt backing.  Can you still call this a quilt?  Hmmm, not sure.  Aran's quilt first: I used fat quarters which weren't equal sizes, but I just went along with it for a more "homemade" look (if it weren't already..!).  For Lila, I used my nice new rotary cutter for equal rectangles and a fairly haphazard selection of pink/green prints for a boho girl's blanket.  Oh, and a pretty little heart applique.

The final touches for both:  I decided that they're really only ever used one-sided, so I added a few buttons to add a little something extra...

Et voila!

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