Friday, 3 June 2011

Resources in Bangkok

Shopping for sewing and craft supplies:
Chinatown/Sampeng - a mini-guide
I have really only scratched the surface of this huge trading area, with some great discoveries on Sampeng Lane, or Soi Vanit 1 as it's sometimes also known!  With these small stores below, I can get pretty much all the supplies I need for my usual sewing needs, though the choice of fabrics is not exhaustive here by any means.  But it's great for beginner sewers and, to some extent, crafters.  What it is also brilliant for is children's party supplies and party bags - cheap and cheerful little knick-knacks which kids love to get their hands on, and even the bags to put them all in - you just need to dig around a bit!

Cotton print fabrics, ready made quilted material - Fabric House - 2rd floor Centralworld near Isetan

Cotton print fabrics - Fabric@Play - K Village, Sukhumvit soi 26

Sewing, needlecraft and craft supplies - Pinn Shop - 3rd floor Centralworld near Isetan

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